Candidacy & Elections

6.1 Election Process

6.1.1 The president and the board of Vice –Presidents of the LSA may run for elections for only two years for any executive board position, in a fair way to keep the chance for new talented and devoted students to drive the LSA into a better level.

6.1.2 Elections for the board of executives or any election of an executive should be communicated 30 days in advance to the voting members.

6.1.3 Elections Candidates and voting members must be informed at least 7 days in advance of the Election Day.

6.1.5 The public, meaning LSA members (regular and associate), have the right to complain to the CSU judicial board which subsequently would do what is necessary based on flagrant derailment from constitution by the executive board.

6.1.6 If possible, a debate session for the candidates of executive positions should be prepared by the current executives in order for the candidates to debate. The LSA members should be invited, and the debate should take place at least 7 days in advance.

6.1.7 In case the board or any executive in power is a candidate for a second year term in the elections of an executive board or an executive, the CSU would set a debate session where new candidates and the old board of any executives from the old board will debate and also where the LSA members would be invited.

6.2 Electoral Committee

6.2.1 The Executive Committee is responsible for the forming of an Electoral Committee, made of two persons, having no intention to run for any position and preferably from the current Executive Committee.

6.2.2 The Electoral Committee is responsible for enforcing and ensuring election laws outlined in this constitution are maintained and respected during the election process.

6.2.3 The Electoral Committee is responsible for distributing, collecting, as well as counting the cast ballots.

6.3 - Candidates

6.3.1 The candidate running for the President position shall be a Concordia undergraduate student, and active member of the LSA for two semesters at least, consecutive or not.

6.3.2 The candidates for the VP positions in the board of the LSA shall be undergraduate Concordia students, regular members of the LSA for at least one semester.

 6.3.3 Election Campaign The candidates must submit their candidacy at least 10 days in advance to the association’s executive committee. The candidates should not have access to the LSA contact list, not even through the executive committee or the President.

6.4 - Voting

6.4.1 The officers must be elected by secret ballot at a general meeting in the month of March and supervised by the CSU Chief Electoral Officer.

6.4.2 The winning candidate for each position must receive a plurality of all valid votes cast. In case of an equality vote there would be reelections for the concerned position.

6.4.3 Any candidate running solely for a position must receive a plurality of valid YES votes cast.

6.4.3 Only LSA regular members, having been members for more than a period of 7 days may vote during the elections. Due to fairness for all candidates, members that have not been adequately informed, due to not having received the required information of the elections and all the processes of the elections, are considered ineligible to vote.


6.4.4 The CSU Judicial Board has the right to overrule any electoral disputes.

6.4 The Elected Board

6.4.1 The term of office shall be a one year term.

6.4.2 The LSA board in power must hand over all rights and responsibilities to the newly elected board by the first week of April and notify and make official with the CSU.

Article 7 - Opening Positions in the Board of Executives

 The LSA board of executives has the right to open at any time a new Vice President position or other positions that seem necessary for the functioning of the association

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Executive Members Positions and Roles

Section II - Role


4.1 President

The President, as Chief Executive Officer, shall represent the members and the association at occasions and in all official relations with the Concordia Student Union, Concordia university associations in Concordia and in any Lebanese or other cultural, social, inter-university events on a regional, national and international level.

The president shall prepare an agenda for each meeting, enforce the mandate of the constitution and shall be the co-signing officer with the VP Finance of any requisitions or purchase requisitions of the association. He or she shall be responsible for outlining and creating a program of activities for the year in conjunction with the Executive Committee, bearing in mind the aims of the club and wishes of the general members, and shall be responsible for maintain continuous contact with the umbrella organization above the Association: CSU.

4.2 VP marketing

The Vice-President marketing , shall take care of all advertisements needed for events. He shall also maintain a great social media image of the association through facebook, twitter, ... Designing the posters or finding an alternatives shall be a responsibility of his/her.

4.3 VP Internal Affairs

The VP Internal Affairs is the office manager; he or she shall be responsible for the filing of all documents received, coordination of office hours among the executive and general members, maintenance of the office's resource center, and other internal administrative matters as deemed necessary. Further, manager shall actively promote the club's resource center among the Concordia community and shall be responsible for all booking accommodations.

4.4 VP External Affairs

The VP External Affairs shall act as the liaison with the other Lebanese Student Associations in Montreal and other cities as well as other groups within the Concordia and Montreal communities and outside Montreal with whom the club may work with, especially in the coordination of joint events

4.5 VP Finance

The VP Finance shall coordinate the preparation of the budget, maintain a ledger of all financial transactions of the club, act as the financial liaison with the Concordia Student Union, and coordinate any fundraising activities. He or she shall actively seek funding for the association, take advantage of any grant opportunity and shall be responsible for presenting the financial report of the year's activities at the end of term of office.

4.6 Secretary

VP Communication shall be in charge of communicating the information from the executive team to the student body and from the student body to the executive team. He/she has to ensure to keep the executives as well as the members updated on all current activities. The Secretary will also need to make the executives accessible to the members, and make them feel welcome and push them to reveal all their aptitudes. As well as being responsible for coordinating days on which the Association will have a Presentation/ recruitment table on the Mezzanine.

4.7 VP Sports

VP Sports shall be in charge of the preparations and organization of any event of a competitive and athletic nature, within Concordia University and outside in case of joint events with other external associations. The VP Social and Leisure events shall be responsible of duties such as writing event's name and full descriptions, as well as purposes. Furthermore, the VP Social and Leisure events will have to set the income of the event with the VP finance.

In case of a draw during an executive board voting, the president's vote shall count as 1.5 and the votes of all other Vice-Presidents shall count as one.

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Aims & Objectives

Lebanese Student Association



LSA Executive

Concordia University




Lebanese Student Association


ARTICLE 2 - Aims & Objectives

2.1 The objective of the Lebanese Student Association is to promote Lebanon with its cultural and social activities.

2.2 Promoting the Lebanese Student Association's events on a regional, national and international level.

2.3 To act on behalf of Lebanese students in any and all matters which directly or indirectly, are in the interests of the association.

2.4 To promote a sense of identity among Lebanese students, so as to portray a common image throughout the University.

2.5 To create an atmosphere for bettering academic performance and intellectual development of Lebanese students within the University community.


ARTICLE 3 - Membership

There shall be associate and regular LSA members.

3.1    Any Concordia Student may become an LSA member by signing the membership form.

3.2    Associate members are graduate students.

3.3    Regular Members are undergraduate students.

Eligibility for membership shall not be determined based on race, color, ethnic or national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, civil status, age, religion, language, social condition, handicap, or the use of means to palliate a handicap.

3.4  Honorary membership is granted to those individuals outside of the Concordia student body who show a common interest in the association, subject to the approval of the executive committee. This is open to Alumni, students of other Universities, and the general public. Honorary membership may also be revoked at the discretion of the executive committee.

3.5  Official members of the association will be put on our e-mailing list and will receive all information stated in Article 2.

ARTICLE 4 - The Executive Committee and Officers

Section I- Composition

 The executive committee of the Lebanese Student Association at Concordia University shall be constituted of, one President, one secretary, one VP Internal, one VP External, one VP Finance, one VP sports, one VP marketing, .

ARTICLE 5 - Finances

The president and VP Finance shall act as signing officers for the asso




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Concordia Executive Team 2016-2017

President: Stephani Moukheiber

VP Finance & Signing Officer: Natalie ElHaddad

VP Marketing : Mario Bou Raad

VP External :  Eve Raya

VP Secretary: Nadine Mikhael

VP Sports & Integration: Georges AlHaddad

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